Congrats Nyan :) (xKaty)

first-edit1hello guys!as you can see theres a pink school body but its not mine :( it is from nyan!!!so i dont own this body so CREDITS TO NYAN!!! from recoloured :) where i belong this is her first gfx so pls support her :) you can find her in the website

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Old Personal (xKaty)

xkatypersonalheadso as you can see in the tittle this is my old personal <3 a kawaii head :D soooo pls GIVE CREDITS! i work very hard for this headie <3 well actually it a edit from lucygraal so make sure to GIVE CREDITS TO HER!!! keep updated cause i will post more headsss


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Preview (xKaty)

sneak peaksp

ok lets start with the first head the one with the red eyes so i will make it blink :) by the help of remmi <3 and the second one i will make it blink too <3 just for you cause i dont really make blinking heads so its a rainbow thingy again!!!so wait for it <3 and the last one is from lucy graal so i did a edit on it i will make it blink tooo!!! ea so obviously the two of them are scary ofcourse for HALOWEEN!!!so you think thats all i will post?nah nah nah i have mroe cause i didnt post much heads :(.i will post a preview for the other head on the next day :).I LOVE YOU REMMI AND EMERALD AND NYAN,AND FUCK YOU AGILITY (sorry for the rude word :( ) i hate you agility (for nyan) lol bye!

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ewww (xKaty)

2kawaii4uwell credits to lucygraal for this cool head <3 i did a small edit on it lol (supersmall)…ill start posting heads on halloween okie <3 bye!<b> i am accepting request (shields only) until saturday 10:00 pm (PST) <3

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Happy Birthday! (xKaty)

Happy Birthday to me!!!Thanks to all of those who pmed me!!!Im officially SEVENTEEN!!!Thanks to Emerald <3 kororo and kendie lol <3.New heads soon!!!Thanks again guys <3

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Fancy Girl Set (Skye)

Summer holidays are nearly over 4 more days so I wont post that much but will try to post once a week so any requests pm me on grail
anyways set trans and give credit

ive been seeing loads of ppl who don’t reply to my pm about the head or they say a site or say they made it, if you want a head for yourself ask someone on this site for a personal but still give credit, or you can go to the store and buy a laptop and spend hours making a head set that no one gives credit for
buh bye

anyway sorry for my sas




creds to linnyclaragfx for the original!
set trans
give cccccccccccccrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeedddddddddddddddiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttt

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I Love you Guys (Skye)

met this amazing girl yesterday, love it when you guys notice I work for luckystar and then suddenly are talking to me like we’ve known each other for years. If ever you guys see me in grail city please come up to me and talk, you make my day <3




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